Seeking Homes
A note from Burton's mom:

Burton loves to EAT! He is extremely motivated by food (Costco dog bones
and string cheese) and will do anything you ask him to do for a treat! He
doesn’t bark much, doesn’t dig and doesn’t chew on anything. He avoids our
cat and she rules the house. He loves to play with other dogs, although they
sometimes are afraid of him! He LOVES to swim! In Winter of 2017 he went
to a board & stay up in Woodinville – and has fabulous manners as a result.
He will “kennel-up”, lay down on a rug, sit, down, and wait for you to give
him the ok before charging through the door. Although he doesn’t  care for
cars/vehicles – he will go in them without too much complaint. He loves to
have his belly rubbed. He won’t jump up on the furniture or bed – even if you
want him too. We are an active family with 3 kids and we are always on the
go.  But Burton really wants to be a stay at home doggie.

Burton does not like:
•Kennels with lots of dogs
•Lots of visitors that sleep over at the house
•Being startled from behind

If you are interested in learning more about or meeting
Burton, please contact us on the Contact Us page :)
Meet Burton!
Burton is from our H litter born in
October 2015.  He is looking for a
new forever home.
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him below